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We could never voice enough praise and gratitude to the many dedicated wildlife biologists who met with us during our field studies.  Through them, we learned so very much about wildlife conservation that we were able to come back to New York State with a real appreciation for the "front line" of wildlife  conservation.  If we are able to instill in our audiences just half of the passion and commitment that these wonderful people shared with us, then we will be more than successful in our educational endeavors! 

Thank you so much!

Charon Geigle
National Grasslands Visitor Center

No one has more passion for the North American prairie than Charon!  We can never say thank you enough for all the ways you have contributed to our CAC program.

Michelle Bourassa
Badlands National Park Resource Management

You have inspired us with your skill, your patience, and your incredible knowledge.  Thank you so very much for just being you!

Doug Sargent
National Grasslands Resource Management

One day in the field with Doug Sargent is worth a month in any classroom.  Thank you for all that you have taught us. 

Travis Liveri
Black-Footed Ferret Foundation

Thank you Travis for your wonderful tutelage.  The many lessons you taught are now flowing through us to the school children we reach back here in WNY. 

Craig Axtell

Rocky Mountain National Park Resource Management


Steve King

Rocky Mountain National Park Resource Management



Robin Jacobson
Education Coordinator
The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA

Our stay on the San Juan Islands was very educational, as well as enjoyable. Your kind attention to our needs and your generous help truly made the experience special.

The information you provided us in now proving to be invaluable as we ourselves work with children back here in Western New York State. Your captivating discussion and the stories of your own success as an educator has truly inspired us.

Albert Shepard
The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA 

We extend our sincere gratitude for a very productive and informative lecture and open dialogue. We found your extensive knowledge and passion for killer whales inspiring, and we greatly benefited from your thought provoking questions and suggestions. 

We benefited in particular from your skill in articulating the threats facing killer whales and your suggestions for working them into our conservation message. Thank you so much for such a great experience.

Richard Osborne

The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA

Your careful explanation of your Soundwatch Program proved to be one of the highlights of our trip.  Thanks to you, we were able to recognize the difference between responsible and irresponsible whale watching.  

You had mentioned that a perfect world would be one without imposing whale watching boats and other threats to marine mammals. It is our belief that if more people had just a fraction of your passion for these animals, the world would be already there.

Sheri Kirk
Island Phoenix Division
Nanaimo, BC 

We are particularly grateful that you were able to adjust the nature of our tour to best fit our goals.

Our tour of the facility gave us an opportunity to get a better understanding of the logging industry and we will now be able to spread our story to the public so they too will understand.

Michael Durdle
Island Phoenix Division
Nanaimo, BC 

Even with our earplugs in place, your enthusiasm and positive attitude was clearly evident and it very much contributed to a very positive experience.

We were very grateful for the opportunity to get a better understanding of the logging industry, not just the side portrayed in the media back east. We look forward to passing along the information you provided and our own presentations to students will now be better because of the information you provided and the lesson you taught us at the mill.

 J. Neil Malbon
Alberni Forest Information Centre
Port Alberni, BC 

As we find ourselves faced with the job of convincing others to favor conservation and recycling, we have a better appreciation of the grander scheme of things thanks to you.  It is our pleasure to teach others about the modern forestry practices that you taught us.


Jon D. Flintoft
West Island Timberlands
Port Alberni, BC

The onsite setting for your explanations of variable retention and stream bed preservation was incredible, and you added a wonderful bonus by teaching about the complicated process of reforesting.  Because of your help, we are now able to bring a much more realistic message about conservation to the hundreds of people we are now encountering here.  We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to get a better understanding of the logging industry.  It is now our pleasure to teach others about the modern forestry practices that you taught us. Due to our experience with you our message is a hopeful and positive one!

Grant R. Ladouceur
Big Qualicum River Project
Qualicum Beach, BC

The information that you provided us about enhancement techniques allowed us to better understand the life cycle of salmon and the roles that hatcheries play. It was particularly beneficial to discuss this with you and to learn your perspectives on the diverse ecosystems of British Columbia.

Lillian Hunt
Uímista Cultural Centre
Alert Bay, BC 

It was wonderful to learn about a culture so closely tied to and respectful of nature. As we now engage in the process of spreading our conservation message to the hundreds of people we encounter back here in Western New York and Ontario, we are using many of the lessons we learned from you in our own presentations.

Tyler Cranmer
Uímista Cultural Centre

Thanks to you we were able to gain a greater understanding of the potlatch and the Kwakwaka'wakw culture. We greatly appreciated the fact that you took time out of your day to visit with us.

We all look forward to our next opportunity to cross paths with you. Until then, we send you our most sincere best regards and a big thank you!

Andrea Sanborn
Uímista Cultural Centre

We thank you sincerely for the very warm welcome that was provided to us at Uímista.

Your kind attention to our interests truly made our visit to your collection special. 

Dan LaFrance
LaFrance Adventures
Port McNeill, BC 

The information that you provided us made our experience enjoyable and educational at the same time.  

It was particularly beneficial to discuss this with you and to learn your perspectives on the diverse ecosystems of British Columbia.


Dan and Sandra Kirby
Hidden Cove Lodge
Port McNeill, BC 

Your warm hospitality and delicious home-cooked meals made our time away from Buffalo even more special than we had expected.

Thank you for welcoming us into your home and thank you for making us so comfortable and cozy during our stay.

Bill and Donna Mackay
Mackay Whale Watching
Port McNeill, BC 

We learned so much from you both! You taught us priceless lessons about killer whales and you inspired us with your fascinating stories. We are in awe of your accomplishments and particularly in the role that you played in the creation of the ecological reserve for the whales in Johnstone Strait. To put it simply, we are all very proud just to have met you.

Back here in Western New York and Southern Ontario, we are doing our best to impart the same love and respect for killer whales that you have shown to us.


Rich Chiouitti
Don Travers and Kati Martini
Remote Passages
Tofino, BC 

We were particularly impressed by the care that you took to move our boat around the animals we observed. You were able to do so without any disturbance to them that we could detect. On this matter we extend our highest compliments to you and to your company.


Oscar Fennell

Eco Lodge at San Luis in Costa Rica

.  Our hikes would not have been successful had it not been for your sharp eyes and wealth of knowledge.

In particular, we will always remember our blindfolded walk through the woods.  This served as a perfect introduction to the tropical forest, allowing us to open all of our senses to the life around us.  Not only was this a unique experience, it also helped us later on in our travels!

Alexis Roxas

We thank you for being such a wonderful guide during our stay in Costa Rica.  The many things that you showed us and taught us in our brief time together were truly amazing.

Manuel Caruana

Thank you for being the perfect guide!  Your remarkable skill at locating wildlife, coupled with your vast knowledge of tropical species made the time that we spent with you truly unforgettable.

The outings that we shared together were our favorite experiences in Costa Rica.  Indeed, the amount of things that we saw and learned was astounding!

Many of the experiences that we shared together are now serving as the basis for our presentations at home in Western New York.  Thank you for making our outings together so exciting, educational, and memorable.


Chencho Dorji

The perfect guide in Bhutan!



No one is better!

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Sunil Silva

Expert on Sri Lanka,
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and on all things good.

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Dave Koenig

Computer Support

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Lauren Nalewajek

Original artwork

 Nathan Johnson


 Elizabeth Welnhofer



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