Caitlin Cleary

CAC is about learning.  

It is about learning about the world around us and everything’s role in it;
learning about yourself, your power, your worth.  

CAC is about bonding.  

It is about sitting on the ocean shore and bonding with the earth; the bond between a mother seal
and her baby who calls her from the water; bonding between strangers who become lifelong friends.  

CAC is about seeing things.  

It is about laying in the grass and looking up at the stars seeing yourself as insignificant and
 magnificent all at once as you hitch a ride on this earth; seeing the value in all forms of life.  

CAC is about beauty.  

It is about being overwhelmed by nature’s masterpieces to the point where there are no words;
it is about the beauty and majesty of a passing grey whale that brings and awestruck
audience to its knees with its humble silence.  

CAC is about the future.  

It is about learning from the past, knowing that what we do today can have profound effects on tomorrow;
 it is about teaching new generations to pass on this knowledge, and with it—love. 

Caitlin Cleary




Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.