Melissa Graham

The CAC experience never ceases to amaze me. Standing in an untouched forest, whose oldest trees may be aged to almost 1000 years, brings about a sense of awe, not only from its beauty, but from the fact that these living organisms began their fight for life before the European explores began their journeys across the ocean.

The Northwest forest is an amazing ecosystem as it is self perpetuating. The death of one fallen giant means the nutrients and sustenance to spark the beginning of life for many others. A look around reveals numerous interconnected cycles, those apparent and hidden, of biotic and abiotic factors all essential for the maintenance of a healthy system. It quickly puts into perspective how one person can play such a minute and immense role simultaneously. Every person is her for only a small fraction of these great trees’ lives, but the choices made that influence any one of the cycles connected within the ecosystem may change it indefinitely. CAC has shown me the importance in sharing this knowledge with generation to come.




Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.