Adrienne Bermingham

CAC took me by the hand and led me halfway around the world. It gave me my first passport stamp and nine new best friends and teammates. It showed me the Great Barrier Reef, a southern cassowary and four koalas. CAC gave me the courage to swim under a waterfall and wrestle through a rainforest to the top of a mountain. It introduced me to people from all over the world and helped me to appreciate their cultures.

CAC took me to Australia and, somewhere along the way, I felt I was no longer just a part of CAC but it was becoming part of me. Inspired by the passion of the people around me, I recognized my responsibility as an Ambassador for Conservation. As our team became a family, we discovered the wonders of the earth and its inhabitants. Now, we will carry these lessons with us, sharing our passion with everyone we meet.

As a member of CAC, I am thrilled to do my part leaving every inch of the earth better

than it was before I stepped on it.


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