Lauren Canhan

The Everglades

Having never been to the Everglades before, I am truly amazed by everything I have experienced so far. There are so many vastly different habitats in this protected area that are vital to a healthy environment. Healthy wetlands also have many species of birds and insects which we have definitely seen so far! For me, seeing this large area of wetlands being protected and conserved really gives me hope for the future of conservation. Not only is this magnificent land being conserved, but so many people visit the Everglades everyday! That means that people are constantly learning why it is so important to take conservation seriously. If people all over the world were learning about nature conservation everyday and taking steps to reduce, reuse, and recycle, imagine how much greater the Earth would be!

Bird Reflection

Birds are so fascinating and unlike any other organism on Earth. The ability of an individual bird to migrate thousands of miles every year is truly remarkable. Having the opportunity to travel to a new location, like Trinidad, and observe many new species of birds, is fantastic, but there is something special about seeing a few species that can also be found in Western New York. The American redstart is one warbler species that we often see at Iroquois national Wildlife Refuge in the summer and yet we saw it perching in a tree in Trinidad! What we must do is ensure that the habitats that birds live in are conserved and healthy so that these incredible and captivating organisms are not lost from ecosystems.


Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.