Lindsay Robbins

The Everglades

Being here in the Everglades and traveling to any new place is always an eye opening experience which stays with you forever, from learning new things about the environment around you to the sights you see. Seeing the Anhinga swimming under the water to catch its next meal is fascinating. Its tail feathers fanned out and neck sticking straight out makes it look like a snake to the tiny white-eyed vireo makes you appreciate the animals around. But, not only are the birds interesting to watch, but being able to see an alligator carry its young on its back is an amazing sight to see. Then being able to see a bird you see here, knowing you will see it again back home in the summer makes you wonder if you are seeing the same bird. Being able to see birds you know from home is an awesome thing to notice, but seeing birds you cannot see like the anhinga here is terrific. I love being able to see new and exciting things from sight-seeing to animals. It is always a new experience and fun to retell friends back home.

Bird Reflection

Being able to find a bird you have always wanted to see like the pygmy owl, or seeing a bird that you never thought existed even in your wildest imagination due to its unique beauty or the fact that it is not found anywhere else like the piping guan or motmot is once in a lifetime sighting that will send chills down your spine. However, bird watching isn’t just about seeing the “ungettable” bird. For me, it is about the excitement and thrill I get every time I am able to find and correctly identify a bird. And as I get better, I am ecstatic to find myself identifying these birds with only a passing glance. It is also a way to bring people together. I have met some of the most amazing people while out on a trail trying to find a bird and I feel extremely proud and good about myself when I am able to ID a bird correctly. Although birding may sound boring, it is actually really fun! Not only is it fun for the reasons I have mentioned above, but it can also get quite competitive. In fact, people run bird-a-thons to help raise money and there is even a type of birding Olympics. I have also enjoyed going out on hikes with friends and we try to see who can spot the most species. It gets intense! So go out and try birding for yourself, and just like me, you might be surprised at how enjoyable it is!


Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.