Kelsey Trumpp

There is something about the gaze of a chimpanzee that just feels so familiar.  Something about the cool breeze off of Lake Tanganyika on a hot, sticky day and the calls of animals in the mountains that welcomes you to a home that you’ve never left.  Sharing space with these incredible beings in such a beautiful place can slow down time and wash away any worries you carry.  Such a treasure is so positively heartwarming that it would be just as powerfully heartbreaking to lose it.  Visiting, or simple visualizing, Tanzania’s Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks, as well as other wild spaces, should always serve as an inspiration for us to remember how important nature is for the well-being of all living things.  We can never forget that as long as we work together, nothing is impossible!


Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.