Our Message

In the future, Asian elephants face many challenges.  However, the elephants of Sri Lanka should give us all a sense of optimism.  Humans there are showing a willingness and a real commitment to preserving wild spaces for elephants.  And cultural attitudes are beginning to change around the world in ways that will stop the ivory trade.  We feel certain that if we all work together, the future will be one in which our own grandchildren will share the planet with future generations of these wonderful elephants. 

photo M. Noonan

For us, the opportunity to study wild elephants has been truly inspirational.  We very much hope that you too have been convinced to take steps in your own life to help spread the word about wildlife conservation, and we hope that you will support efforts that save wild places both locally and globally.  We firmly believe that the more people understand wild animals, the more they will respect them and care about their welfare. 

If we all act together, we can make the world a better place.  We really can. 

Roseanne Schuster, Kelsey Noonan, Lindsay Schamel, Daryl Hoffmann, Sunil Silva, Michael Noonan, Gretchen Wagner, Sandy Mendel, Erik Michaelsen, and (not pictured) Frank Mendel


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