Everything Connected

All things, by immortal power,
hiddenly linked are.
That thou cans't stir a flower,
without troubling a star.
~William Blake

Everything is connected to everything else

photo M. Noonan

Even the smallest changes to the environment can have devastating effects. Cutting down trees not only affects the forest plants, it also kills the musk deer that eat the lichens that grow on those trees. If the wild dogs that prey on people's livestock are killed, then their other prey, the wild boars, will trample the crops. If a hotel is built in an empty marsh, the black-necked cranes will have nowhere to spend the winter.

Always think of our children

photo M. Noonan

Taking things from nature has a cost, and it will be paid by future generations when they lack the natural resources that we have today. Always remember that we do not own the earth. We are only minding it for our children.

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