Great Northern Crested Morrisbird

Common Name: Sara

Class:  Aves Wannabe

Order: Double Pepperoni Pizza

Family: Canisidae

Genus: Professorus

Species: Professorus birdii

photo by Smokey da Bear


This species displays an odd featherless appearance.  Nevertheless, it can be recognized as Aves by its habitual tendency to flock with other bird species, and by its uncannily accurate bird calls. 


Favors temperate regions of North America.  Frequent migrant from the Niagara region to coastal islands of Maine.  But also appears inexplicitably in the Galapagos Islands! 

Diet is food. 


Mimics Blue Footed Booby mating ritual once per year.  Characterized by lifelong devotion to single nestling.  Offspring is reputedly as cute as the dickens! 


The usual:  QUACK, CHIRP, TWEET. 

Where to see them in WNY

Characteristically moves fast, so observations are intermittent.  Hallway observations are only a fleeting blur.  Best opportunity for sighting is when perusing books in the natural history section of university libraries.  Nests on Grand Island. is a program of Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.                                                  Web Design by Ivan Andrijevic