Elephas Maximus:

The Biology and Conservation of the Asian Elephant

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Chapter One: Introduction to Asian Elephant


Chapter Two:  Elephant Evolution


Chapter Three: The Two Species of Elephant


Chapter Four: Elephant Ivory


Chapter Five: Elephant Molars


Chapter Six: Elephant Habitat


Chapter Seven: Elephants and Water


Chapter Eight: Elephant Biomass



Chapter Nine: Elephant Diet



Chapter Ten: Elephants and Farmers


Chapter Eleven: Effects of Human Population on Elephants


Chapter Twelve: Elephant Reserves


Chapter Thirteen: Trickle Down Effect


Chapter Fourteen: Elephant Matriarchs



Chapter Fifteen: Elephant Babies


Chapter Sixteen: Male Elephants


Chapter Seventeen: Female Elephants


Chapter Eighteen: Elephant Reproduction


Chapter Nineteen: Elephant Orphanage


Chapter Twenty: Elephant Poaching


Chapter Twenty-one: Working Elephants



Chapter Twenty-two: Elephants and Tourism



Chapter Twenty-three: Elephant Retirement Homes



Chapter Twenty-four: Film Closing



Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.