Coral Bleaching

Akila from Tanzania

Hello Alan!
I am from Zanzibar, Tanzania, and I also love snorkeling! I too have noticed that most of our coral is white when I swim. My mom told me that when she was younger all of the coral was colorful and none was white.  She said it was so beautiful.  I wish I could see the reef that my mom did.
My mom also told me that bleaching happens when the coral is stressed out.  Warm water makes them stressed.  They turn white because they push out algae that live inside of them.  When they throw up these algae, the coral is clear and you can see the rock beneath them.  Getting rid of these algae is bad for the coral because the algae help the coral get food and oxygen.  If the stress lasts a long time, the coral could die. I wish I could help the coral.
Courageous Coral-Lover,



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