Coral Bleaching

Alan from Australia

GDay Mate,
Hello Akila! One of my favorite activities is snorkeling!  I love all of the fish in the Great Barrier Reef.  The reef is usually very pretty with very colorful coral and fishes.  Lately, I have seen some parts of the reef that are white and they look really bad.  My dad told me that the white color is coral bleaching and it turns white because the oceans are getting warmer. 
This is not good.  The coral looks sick and when I go snorkeling in those places, I dont see many fish.  I think that the coral bleaching is somehow making the fish disappear too.  I dont like this because fish are my favorite, especially the parrotfish.  They are so colorful and they eat the coral.  With no healthy coral, that means no healthy parrotfish.  That makes me really sad.  I wish I could help the coral and the parrotfish. 
Distressed Diver,



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