Bayarmaa from Mongolia

I am going through the same thing that you are.  I live in Mongolia where a large part of the country is desert.  However, the desert is getting bigger and I donít know why.  I asked my teacher and she told me that the term for expanding deserts is called desertification, and it happens for many reasons.  One reason is deforestation, when large amounts of trees are cut down to make room for pastures, farmland, and homes.  When the trees are gone, the soil is not protected and it dries out and becomes a desert.  Over-grazing by cattle does not allow the grass time to re-grow properly and the soil again is unprotected, causing the deserts to expand.  People need to adopt a farming practice that allows the soil to replenish its minerals, each season farm on a different plot of land.  Also, they need to try to keep cattle from over-grazing.  Feed your cattle with cattle feed or keep them in smaller pastures!




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