David from Sudan

Hello, My name is David and I live in Southern Sudan.  I love Sudan but I am worried because it is changing right before my eyes!  The lush land that used to be around my home is now a harsh desert and it is getting bigger with every season that passes.  My village is small and poor and we depend on the land for food.  With the desert growing, we must look for new land to grow our crops on.  The new land is cultivated because it is rich in nutrients.  The trees are cut down so that they can be used for firewood and building materials.  We also have cattle to feed.  They eat so much that we are constantly moving them to land that has enough grass for every cattle. 
My parents say that after a couple of seasons the grass will be gone and the soil will be dry and un-farmable like a desert.  We must then look for new farmland.  Why is my home changing, is it my fault?
         go with peace,



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