Growing Seasons

Gabe from Canada

Dear Mary,

I live on a farm is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where my family grows wheat and corn.  I help with a lot of the work and this year I am learning how to drive the tractor!  Living on a farm is fun!  Sometimes my family worries about making enough money.  I am afraid that if we donít grow enough crops to sell, then my family will stop being farmers.

In Saskatoon the summers are warm and good for growing crops but the winters are very cold and long.  Lately our summers have been lasting longer.  This is good for my family because it allows us to grow more crops that last longer.  My older sister said that the summers are lasting longer now because of global warming.

Lots of people say that global warming is bad, but it is helping my family.  This makes me think that maybe it is good.  What do you think about global warming?

Your Friend,



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