Kathryn from Georgia

Dear Sarita,

I love being near the ocean too!  I think everyone has been talking about climate change and how it is going to affect all of us in Georgia.  Although I donít live right on the beach, I am worried about the birds that do. 

I am most concerned about the piping plovers which are already protected by the government because of problems they already face.  Piping plovers build their nests on the best and cleanest beaches.  This means humans will want to use these beaches too.

Piping plovers make their nests just above the high tide line. Every year, my mom helps build wire barriers around the plover nests to help protect the chicks from predators.  I think that this year Iím going to help her.  Hopefully the rising ocean levels donít flood the nests before I get a chance to do something to help.

Your Friend Kathryn




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