Sarita from India

To Kathryn
There’s a delicate balance in the amount of rain we receive in India. The monsoons arrive for our summer growing season. Sure, it rains a lot, but we need the rains so we can nourish our crops and families! But our monsoons are changing. Some places have fewer storms, but the storms are stronger and scarier. Their crops are being washed away in the floods. Other places are getting less rain than they used to, or none at all. Their crops wither and die in the drought.
The storms have been coming earlier in the year, too. What if they no longer match up with our growing season? How will my family earn a living?
Too much rain means floods, and we might lose our homes, but too little rain means drought, and we might lose our crops. How are we going to find our balance again?

Namaste, Sarita


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