Melting Ice Caps

Siku from Alaska

My friend Jade,
I am writing to you from my home in Point Hope, Alaska. Point Hope is small city on a peninsula that stretches out into the Chukchi Sea. Tourists visit Point Hope to see the wildlife. People used to say wonderful things about my village and the animals that live nearby. Now, all they talk about is global warming and the polar bears being in danger.
In school yesterday, I asked my teacher what was happening to the polar bears. She told me that polar bears rely on sea ice to eat and rest. Because of global warming, the sea ice is melting. Polar bears near Point Hope and all over Alaska sometimes canít find ice to hunt on so they starve. Also, if they canít find ice, they can get tired from swimming and drown.
Oh Jade, I am worried for the polar bears.
I wish I could do something to help them.
Love Siku



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