Sea Cucumber & Pearlfish

Sea cucumbers are invertebrates that can be found on the ocean floor or on the reef.  They have small suction-cup feet to help them move. They breathe out of their anus and can shoot out their internal organs when they detect a predator. Then they regrow their insides.
The pearlfish is a long, slim fish.  They have no scales but they do have long fins that run along the length of their bodies. 




Relationship: Commensalism

"The pearlfish uses the sea cucumber for a hide-out from predators.  The pearlfish will live in the sea cucumberís anus, backing into the hole tail-first so its head can stick out."

"When a predator of the pearlfish comes by, it will bring its head in so it canít be detected.  The sea cucumber is unaffected by this activity."

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