The recent past has provided us with some amazing success stories of marine mammal conservation.   For example, most of the large whale species are bouncing back from near extinction now that whale hunting is largely abolished.  The Grey Whale species that we observed from the North American Pacific coast is a perfect example.  

However, these successes may soon be overshadowed by the growing problems that face these animals today.  Such threats include over fishing of our seas, pollution of our waterways, and invasion by humans into areas that were previously occupied by marine mammals.  

Even seemingly innocent activities can present a threat to marine mammals.  For example, humans who bring their pet dogs into areas frequented by seals, sea lions or otters, may unknowingly introduce canine distemper and other diseases into the wild marine mammal populations.


We believe that if more people were only better educated about the problems and their solutions then many deleterious effects could be avoided.


Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.