American Marsupials

"All of this exploration of Australia makes me think about where else you can find marsupials.  The Americas, that’s where! This is a Virginia Opossum, “playing possum” in North America."


Monito del Monte

The Monito del Monte from South America is a marsupial that is actually more closely related to Australian marsupials than other American marsupials.  They live in trees and make waterproof nests out of bamboo leaves to keep dry.


Gray Four-eyed Opossum

The Gray Four-eyed Opossum can be found from Mexico to Brazil.  It gets its name from the white patches on its forehead that make it look like it has four eyes.  This marsupial helps to control the South American insect population by eating lots of bugs! is a program of Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.                                                  Web Design by Ivan Andrijevic.