Convergent Cousins


"Convergent evolution is when two different species evolve similar characteristics due to similar lifestyles. The Agile Wallaby in Australia and the White-tail Deer in North America have similar facial features because they eat similar foods!"



Numbat & Tamandua

The marsupial Numbat of Australia and the Tamandua of South America both have long, slender noses because they eat termites.  They both also have strong front claws for digging into insect nests. 


Rabbit Eared Bandicoot & Rabbit

The Rabbit Eared Bandicoot, also known as the Bilby, and the Rabbit both have hind limbs that are well developed for hopping.  They also have long ears, which help them to detect where sounds are coming from. is a program of Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.                                                  Web Design by Ivan Andrijevic.