What about pouches?

"The marsupial pouch is a fold of skin that cradles and transports young animals. The young Grey Kangaroo will stay in itís motherís pouch for 10 months, the longest of any marsupial."


Brown Antechinus

The Brown Antechinus produces and carries more offspring in its pouch than any other marsupial. They can have up to 12 young! The female has an open pouch which is a flap of raised skin. Also, this animal is a marsupial carnivore Ė a marsupial that eats mostly meat!



Since the Koala is an animal that spends a lot of its time in trees, I thought their pouches would open upwards. But they donít!

The Koala has a backwards opening pouch. This is because the Koalaís ancestors were burrowers. These animals have a special muscle around their pouches that tightens and keeps the young animals inside.




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