The population of humans is so large that ecosystems everywhere are being affected. Farmers are slowly taking over lands that used to be wild, and the percentage of native grasslands in the world has been declining rapidly. Eventually, if people do not work to preserve the prairies, they will be gone. The lands that we now can enjoy will be uprooted and turned into residential areas or farms as people take room to live. If this occurs, not only will the lands be destroyed but the wildlife that inhabit the prairies will either become extinct or only exist in zoos.

photos M. Noonan

Another threat to the prairies is the deliberate killing of wildlife by people. Many farmers find prairie dogs to be a nuisance because they dig up the earth and ruin their crops. This deliberate killing of the prairie dogs threatens the whole ecosystem because the prairie dog is a keystone species.

Pollution is a problem that exists for many ecosystems around the world. Pollution kills both plants and animals, which is why it is important for human beings to keep their environment clean. Garbage that humans leave lying around can be the cause of death for many animals. They may try to eat it and choke on it, or get tangled up inside of it and die. Most people wouldn’t think that a little piece of litter could do much damage to an ecosystem, but in reality it can. Pollution is a problem that humans also face, because it is bad for our own health too. is a program of Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.                                                  Web Design by Ivan Andrijevic.