Greater One-Horned Rhino Diet

Greater one-horned rhinos inhabit floodplains, swampy areas and grasslands. They are primarily grazers, but also eat a large variety of plants, bushes, fruits and aquatic plants. Rhinos will walk over tall plants and grasses, causing them to bend under the weight of their chest and head to mouth level where they can more easily bite them. 

Of all five species of rhino, the greater one-horned rhinos are the most aquatic and enjoy spending time in water. They will even swim and forage in the water, eating plants that are submerged or floating. They have a prehensile lip that helps grab branches, leaves and bunches of grass and pulls them into their mouth.

Greater one-horned rhino have two long, sharp incisors in their bottom jaw. These are used less for eating and more for fighting and inflicting wounds on opponents. They also have three premolars and three molars on each side of both their top and bottom jaw to chew their vegetation into digestible pieces.












Content provided by Canisius College students under the direction of Michael Noonan, PhD.