The Wonder of Birds

Friends of a Feather

"Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a member of the Canisius Ambassadors for Conservation. I would like to show you how great birds are and how different they can be.

As a biology student, I marvel at the adaptations that birds have evolved for the lifestyle of flight.  As a conservationist, I understand the many critical roles that birds play in ecosystem health.  As  a lover of beauty, I am awed by their vibrant colors, their striking patterns, their unique shapes, and especially by their grace in motion. 

As a member of the Canisius College Ambassadors for Conservation, I hope that you will fall in love with birds like I have.  I also hope that you will join our efforts and help conserve nature for future generations of children like yourselves."



CAC is a program of the Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.